Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some Obese Persons Are Healthy and Only Need Minimum Activity to Stay Healthy

An expert in Alberta, Canada suggests that some obese persons are healthy, and that it is a waste of money to subject these persons to drastic weight loss measures such as weight loss surgery. The researcher, Dr. Arya Sharma, of the University of Alberta, evaluated the health of obese persons, and established five stages of obesity to help assess the health of obese persons. These stages are incorporated in a system called the Edmonton Obesity Staging System (EOSS). In the system, healthy obese persons are put at the lower stage.

The EOSS stages go from zero to four. An obese person put at stage 4 is considered to be most unhealthy. The health of the obese person is based on BMI and other considerations including the nature of the comorbidities accompanying the obesity. So, obese persons at stage four are the most unhealthy and obese persons at stage zero are judged healthy in the system.

Another study indicates that individuals can improve their health by engaging in as little as fifteen minutes a day. Therefore, healthy obese persons can likely maintain or improve their health with this minimum amount of physical activity. The study was done at Taiwan's Institute of Population Science.

The study was carried out by Taiwan’s National Health Research Institutes. The study consisted of more than 400,000 subjects. The Taiwan experts concluded that a person can add three years to his life with the minimum exercise. The implication is that anyone can improve his or her health by engaging in frequent physical activity. So, perhaps minimum exercise is the only recommendation that should be made to those obese persons at stage zero of EOSS.

Because exercise can help keep us all healthy -- including those of us who are overweight or obese -- it is imperative that we all emphasize the importance of some physical activity, even if it is only fifteen minutes a day. And bariatric surgeons and bariatric physicians should work together to identify those obese individuals who are healthy, and counsel those individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, to improve or maintain good health.

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