Friday, December 22, 2017

Walking and a Healthy Diet May Be a Key to Good Health and Long Life

We all are going to die at some point and we know that. But someone once said that although we all are going to die, we should strive in life to reduce the disabled period before death.  We should work to reduce the poor quality of life timeframe leading up to death. And one study has shown that regular walking as an exercise, along with a healthy diet, can lower the period in which we are disabled.

In the study, the researchers looked at “5248 older adults with an average age of 73. They followed the adults for 25 years. And the researchers concluded that “greater distances walked and better quality diet were associated with a relative compression of the disabled period.”

Indeed, walking is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise. According to an article in Harvard Health Publishing, “Walking … can help you stay trim, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure in check, lift your mood, and lower your risk for a number of diseases [diabetes and heart disease, for example].”

And according to the Mayo Clinic, “regular brisk walking can help you: Maintain a healthy weight, Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, Strengthen your bones and muscles, Improve your mood and Improve your balance and coordination.”

Further, according to Prevention magazine, “Taking a walk a day is kind of like that proverbial apple: There's a good chance it'll keep the doctor away. From helping you lose weight and de-stress to lowering your blood pressure and reducing your risk of many chronic diseases…”

And with respect to diet, according to “a healthy diet is important [in] disease prevention, maintenance of a healthy weight and quality of life.” Researchers in one study indicated that “maintaining a healthier diet resulted in better health as the [subjects] got older, specifically in terms of mobility.”

So, we may conclude that there are many reasons to include walking and a healthy diet in our daily routine. Walking and a healthy diet is a combination that healthcare providers should always make a point of emphasizing. The activity can improve the health of patients.


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