Monday, June 28, 2021

Prediabetes Affects Body Composition and Handgrip

The generally accepted definition of prediabetes is as follows: prediabetes is where an individual has abnormally high blood glucose, but the blood glucose is not high enough to be called diabetes. Prediabetes can affect the body in a number of ways. According to a recent study done in India, prediabetes can cause unwanted changes in body composition and hand grip. Treating prediabetes may mitigate these changes.

One of the blood-based criteria India typically uses to diagnose prediabetes is as follows: a fasting plasma glucose (FPG) greater than or equal to 100 mg/dL and less than or equal to 125 mg/dL. This is also one of the criteria the American Diabetes Association uses.

In the India study, 200 subjects were examined. One hundred of the subjects had prediabetes and 100 had normal blood glucose. The researchers used special measuring devices to assess the body fat percentage, the visceral fat, and the handgrip strength.

After crunching the data, the researchers found that the mean body fat percentage for the subjects with prediabetes was approximately 29% compared to approximately 25% for the subjects who had normal blood glucose. The visceral fat percentage was approximately 11% for the subjects with prediabetes compared to approximately 7% for the subjects who had normal glucose. And the handgrip strength was approximately 12% less for the subjects with prediabetes compared to the subjects who had normal blood glucose.  

So, the body fat percentages were higher for persons with prediabetes, while handgrip was lower compared with persons with normal glucose. Therefore, the researchers concluded that "changes in body composition and handgrip strength can be included as a primary care strategy to motivate lifestyle modifications."

Many people are interested in being slim and maintaining strength. Being slim is associated with attractiveness. And treating prediabetes to improve appearance and handgrip strength may be something a lot of people will be interested in. 




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