Thursday, June 24, 2021

Chronic Pain, Weight Loss and the Diabetes Prevention Program

The CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is a program whose objective is to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes, and one of the key tools used in the program is weight loss. The DPP is a lifestyle change program. And lifestyle change programs can be very effective in weight loss. However, chronic pain can hamper the weight loss process. Therefore, chronic pain could be a negative factor for some participants in a diabetes prevention program, as well as other weight loss programs.

Chronic pain can exacerbate problems associated with weight loss and weight gain. Chronic pain increases inflammation, and inflammation can make it more difficult to lose weight and easier to gain weight. And persons experiencing chronic pain may be more likely to overeat. “The overeating occurs either as a response to pain itself, depression, and/or sleeplessness due to pain.” And of course, chronic pain often leads to less exercise because exercise is painful and chronic pain can hamper enthusiasm for exercise.

A recent retrospective study was done to determine the effect of chronic pain on weight loss. Health records were analyzed to identify persons who suffered from chronic pain during a weight loss study. Three-hundred and ninety-seven adults were studied. The study lasted 24 months. One third of the participants experienced chronic pain.

At six months, participants with and without chronic pain lost about 7 kg of weight. However, after 24 months, the participants with chronic pain lost less weight, losing 3.6 kg compared to 5.2 kg for the participants without chronic pain. The researchers concluded that "participants with chronic pain lost ∼33% less weight over 2 years, which was driven by greater weight regain after the first 6 months.”

Of course the effect that chronic pain has on weight loss and weight regain requires more research. Chronic pain might be an impediment in diabetes prevention, because the existence of chronic pain could hinder weight loss. And this would make it harder for a participant to meet the weight loss goals of the diabetes prevention program.


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