Saturday, September 9, 2017

Not Everyone Who Needs Body Contouring Gets the Surgery

The increase in weight loss surgery increases the need for the removal of excess skin. This surgical procedure is called body contouring. However, only a small number of the persons requiring the skin-removal procedure get the surgery. The surgery can improve weight loss maintenance and the quality of life for bariatric surgical patients.

According to the leader of a study reported in Springer's journal, "Only a small percentage of obese patients who have undergone bariatric surgery to help them control their weight follow up this procedure with further plastic surgery to reshape their bodies and remove excess rolls of skin." This is the case because "Such body contouring surgery is generally only affordable [by] patients with adequate insurance and income ..."

Although the surgery is considered cosmetic, the surgery can improve weight loss and the quality of life for someone who has excess skin after having lost a lot of weight.

Researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI, suggested that individuals who get body contouring surgery after bariatric surgery are better able to keep the weight off compared to surgical weight loss patients who do not get the surgery. The researchers were delighted that body contouring surgery increases the chances that a patient will maintain a healthy weight loss long-term. The researchers also felt that those who had the contouring surgery might experience a better quality of life.

The Henry Ford Hospital investigators assessed 94 patients who had received weight loss surgery at the hospital between 2003 and 2013. Forty-seven of the patients also had body contouring surgery. After two and a half years, the patients who had the contouring surgery experienced a BMI decrease of 18.24 compared to 12.45 for the weight loss patients who did not have the surgery.

There is a "huge disparity ... between the number of subjects who want body contouring surgery and those who" get the surgery. Thus, weight loss service providers should make their patients aware of the benefits of the surgery, by indicating that the surgery can improve weight loss maintenance and quality of life.


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