Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bariatric Surgery without Any Incision

Bariatric surgery has proven to be more effective in providing long term weight loss than diet, exercise, drugs, or lifestyle modification. However, the surgery can engender trauma and associated complications. Therefore, extensive research is ongoing to develop bariatric surgical procedures that reduce the trauma and the potential complications.

Some of that research has resulted in a new incisionless endoscopic weight loss surgical procedure. The procedure, created by Satiety Inc, is called transoral gastroplasty or TOGA. On July 15, 2008, the incisionless procedure was used to perform bariatric surgery on a patient at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

Incisionless surgery reduces the trauma, recovery time, and complications a patient can experience after weight loss surgery. In the incisionless TOGA system, flexible stabling devices are introduced into the stomach via the mouth. These devices are used to create a small stomach pouch that restricts food intake. The procedure is performed by surgeons, who view their surgical actions using a lighted scope that allows the surgeons to look inside the abdomen.

At least two other incisionless weight loss surgical techniques are employed today. However, these techniques are used to perform surgical revisions. These revisions are typically necessary to modify the stomach pouch created during a previous bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery. To continue to be effective at weight loss, sometimes the pouch needs to be made smaller.

One incisionless bariatric revision-oriented surgical procedure uses a system called StomaphyX created by EndoGAstric Solutions ™. And another procedure uses the EOS or EndoSurgical Operating System ™ developed by USGI Inc.

Being able to use incisionless surgery for the original bariatric surgery holds great potential, especially if the surgery proves to be effective in producing weight loss. One of the deterrents to bariatric surgery is the amount of invasiveness associated with the most effective forms of the surgery -- gastric bypass surgery for example. Therefore, incisionless weight loss surgery for the original procedure could be a good thing for prospective patients as well as surgical weight loss centers.



Anonymous Ginna Dorkin said...

StomaphyX incisionless gastrointestinal surgery uses endoscopic tools that require no cutting of the body and even less down time than laparoscopy. Those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and have regained the weight they had lost, are the good candidates for this type of surgery. Know more consult StomaphyX Procedure - Incisionless Endoscopic Surgery Manhattan, NYC

May 31, 2009 at 10:07 PM  
Blogger Information Uncover said...

As we indicated in our post, incisionless weight loss surgery may be a good thing for bariatric surgery providers and bariatric surgery patients.

June 1, 2009 at 8:58 AM  

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