Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lifestyle Modification for Weight Loss and Weight Management

Lifestyle modification is an important part of weight loss and weight management. Changes in lifestyle can enable a person to overcome barriers that might otherwise inhibit weight loss or weight management. And according to a recent Swiss report, persons who changed their lifestyle, after being told that they had a high risk for type 2 diabetes, lost weight.

Thirty-eight hundred overweight persons were chosen for the study. And after one year, the high-risk-for-type-2-diabetes participants achieved an approximate nine pound weight loss. This weight loss was considered to be significant.

Lifestyle modifications that aid in weight loss and weight management generally include an increase in physical activity. Lifestyle modifications also include additional non-physical activities built around weight loss or weight management.

The kind of physical activity that one engages in for weight loss or weight management includes running, jogging, walking, cycling, and swimming. Non-physical activities include closely followed weight loss or weight management diets.

A non-physical activity associated with diet is diet self monitoring. Self-monitoring such as keeping a journal of food-intake can double a person’s weight loss compared to the weight loss experienced by someone not keeping a journal.

So lifestyle modification can be a significant part of any weight loss or weight management program, including a program involving bariatric surgery. Therefore, weight loss centers should continue to examine and use lifestyle modification techniques. This usage may increase the success of a center’s weight loss and weight management service lines. And this success would be good for the bottom line.


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