Monday, May 5, 2008

Cherries in the Diet

Diet and exercise have always been an important key to maintaining good health. For some time, studies have shown that red wine can be an aid in reducing heart attacks. And now a study, done by the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center and reported on in Science Daily, is showing that tart cherries may help reduce the occurrence of heart attack and diabetes.

The study was done using rats where a portion of the rats were obese and a portion of the rats were lean. Rats from either group who were fed tart cherry powder displayed lower levels of factors associated with heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides.

The group performing the study indicated that in order for a person to consume the same amount of cherries as each of the rats, that person would need to eat 1.5 cups of cherries per day. More work is being done to determine if tart cherries have the same effect in humans as in the rats.

Weight lost centers should follow this study, because diet is an important element in weight loss, and a well-thought-out diet can lead to better health. And since cherries are already viewed as providing health benefits, even without positive final study results concerning tart cherries, cherries would be a healthy addition to a weight loss or weight maintenance regimen.


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