Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bariatric Surgery Decreases Mortality in Obese Patients

Bariatric surgery is being used more and more today to fight obesity. And the surgery is effective. However, although bariatric surgery will likely lead to weight loss, there has always been some question as to whether obese patients who have the surgery actually live longer.

Well, a Swedish study goes a long way toward answering the very pertinent question: Does bariatric surgery decrease mortality? The study goes a long way, because, based on the study results, the answer is "yes." Bariatric surgery reduces mortality in obese patients when the weight loss surgery outcomes are compared to those from non-surgical weight loss treatments.

The Swedish study looked at 4047 obese patients where approximately half the patients underwent bariatric surgery, and the other half used non-surgical methods to lose weight. At the end of ten years, there were 129 deaths in the non-bariatric surgery group and 101 deaths in the bariatric surgery group.

So, there was a lower death rate of more than twenty percent for those who had undergone the surgery. We think this is worth noting, and we think this is something surgical weight loss or bariatric centers should emphasize when talking with obese patients who are considering the surgery.

And in marketing their bariatric surgical services, bariatric centers should let potential patients know that the surgery may lengthen a patient's life when compared to non-surgical weight loss treatments the obese patient might choose.


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