Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seminars for Pre-pregnancy Women Concerning Their Weight and Its Possible Influence on Their Future Child's Weight

A bariatric or weight loss center can help women, and improve the center's image, by offering community outreach programs. Seminars for pre-pregnant women built around proper weight and diet plans could be among those programs. Maintaining proper weight and diet is very important to a mother's future child's health.

New research shows that there is a link between a pre-pregnancy woman's weight and her future child's weight. If a woman is overweight or obese prior to pregnancy, there is a greater likelihood that her child will be overweight at between two and three years of age. And being overweight, at an early age, increases the likelihood of being overweight in later life.

So pre-pregnancy women should be made aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy weight before pregnancy. And for those women needing help with their weight management, seminars directed at helping these women through diet, exercise and other means, could benefit the women.

And concerning diet, a recent study done on sheep in the United Kingdom appeared to show that babies, born to mother sheep who got too few B-vitamins in their diets before conception, had a greater risk of being obese in later life.

Researchers believe that this risk might also exist in humans. Therefore, actions could be taken to mitigate this risk. B-vitamins that may mitigate the risk can be obtained by eating fruits, leafy green vegetables, liver, red meat, eggs and dairy products.

So the seminars directed at pre-pregnancy women could be used to encourage the women to include foods containing B-vitamins in their diets.

The seminars would benefit pre-pregnancy women. And the seminars could enhance the bariatric or weight loss center's image. Therefore, these types of seminars should probably be an element in a center's strategic plans.


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