Sunday, November 22, 2020

Plant Protein vs Animal Protein

We all know that protein is important to our health. We know that protein is helpful in repairing tissue, and protein enables us to build muscle and bones. Protein also helps us to build skin and nails. And eating protein can enable us to lose weight, because protein makes us feel full longer, causing us to eat less food. However, here are some questions often asked about protein: does protein lower the risk of mortality? And which is best, plant protein or animal protein? At least two studies have been done to address these questions.

One of the studies was a meta-analysis where the analysts reviewed 32 papers. After the analysis, the investigators suggested that protein can lower the risk of mortality. Further, plant protein can help us live longer. Specifically, the investigators concluded that “Higher intake of total protein was associated with a lower risk of all cause mortality, and intake of plant protein was associated with a lower risk of all cause and cardiovascular disease mortality.” The investigators went on to say that “replacement of foods high in animal protein with plant protein sources could be associated with longevity.”

And in another study, consisting of 70,696 Japanese adults, the researchers concluded that “higher plant intake was associated with lower total and CVD related mortality. Furthermore, “replacement of red meat protein with plant protein was associated with lower total cancer related and CVD related mortality."

So, in general, protein can lower mortality. Therefore, eating protein is something that should be encouraged. But plant protein may be superior to animal protein, since plant protein may surpass animal protein in health benefits.

Thus, healthcare providers ought to take note. The providers should advise patients on plant protein benefits, and recommend a plant based diet to their patients. Of course this means that providers might want to take the time to gain knowledge of plant diets so that the providers will understand what plants are good protein sources. The knowledge will put providers in the best position to help patients.


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