Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The EndoBarrier, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

G.I. Dynamics of Lexington Massachusetts is the producer of the EndoBarrier. The EndoBarrier is an intestinal liner that mimics some of the functions of gastric bypass surgery. The liner is placed in the stomach, endoscopically, through the mouth. By serving as a barrier in the intestine, the device limits the amount of calories absorbed by the body during digestion. The device aids in the management of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The “EndoBarrier bridges the gap between pharmaceuticals and surgery by providing a safer and more effective way to control glucose and weight loss for individuals who are underserved by drugs and injections but for whom surgery is not an option.”

While the EndoBarrier could bridge the gap between pharmaceuticals and surgery for the treatment of obesity as well as type 2 diabetes, it may be common, one day, to use the device in combination with pharmaceuticals. In fact, in 2013, G.I. Dynamics said that the company's collaboration with other companies might “lead to improvements in the device, as well as potential combinations of drug treatment and EndoBarrier Therapy to optimize patient outcomes.”

A recent study indicates that the EndoBarrier is an “effective treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes.” Thirty-one patients completed a 12 month study which showed that there was a weight reduction and a reduction in HbA1c. The investigators concluded that “the EndoBarrier appears to be a safe and effective treatment strategy in overweight patients with poor glycemic control despite medical therapy or in those who are eligible but decline bariatric surgery.”

Healthcare providers should monitor the advances in devices used to treat overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes. These devices, including the EndoBarrier, will no doubt add to the overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes treatment arsenals. These devices will indeed fill a gap between pharmaceuticals and surgery. And providers who are well informed will be able to counsel patients on the risks and benefits of the EndoBarrier and other similar devices. 


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