Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Proof That Exercise Is Important in Weight Management and for Good Health

Since overweight and obesity continue to be worldwide problems, methods to deal with the problems continue to gain attention. Whatever the methods employed, the overweight or obese person is usually told to modify his or her lifestyle with the inclusion of a low calorie diet and increased physical activity. Although some studies conclude that diet is more important in weight loss than exercise, most health experts agree that exercise is important for weight management and general health. And combining counseling with exercise can improve markers for good health.

Fat cells secrete a number of proteins. Not all of these proteins necessarily benefit the body. However, adiponectin,  a protein secreted by fat cells, appears to promote mostly healthy effects on the body. Adiponectin is associated with lower inflammation and the protein is an insulin enhancer. And one study indicated that "exercise improved adiponectin levels irrespective of weight gain or loss" in Korean women who were obese. So, exercise is important.

Another study shows that “Exercise in groups followed by counseling or vice versa had beneficial effects on waist circumference, weight, and VO(2max), [maximum aerobic capacity], in women with PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome].” So, again, exercise IS important. Further, exercise with counseling can be an important weight loss and weight maintenance tool.

By the way, the 5A counseling model is viewed as an effective counseling method. Therefore, by using the 5A process, or some other proven counseling method, to emphasize exercise and diet, weight loss providers can help their overweight patients achieve a healthier lifestyle.

At any rate, we know that a healthy diet is important in weight loss, in weight management, and for general health. And while exercise may not be as important in weight loss as diet, exercise is important in weight management and general health. Further, combining counseling with exercise can be beneficial. 


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