Sunday, July 31, 2011

Realize Band's Possible Contribution to the Type ll Diabetes Fight

Currently, many Americans are having to live with diabetes. And Type ll diabetes is on the incline among children. In some cases, bariatric surgery is considered a feasible Type ll diabetes treatment. Studies show that for many persons with Type ll diabetes, the disease is resolved or more easily regulated following bariatric surgery. And relatively new research concludes that bariatric surgery is a more cost effective approach to Type ll diabetes than customary diabetes care methods for individuals with a BMI equal to or greater than 35. One form of bariatric surgery suggested for the treatment of Type ll diabetes is the adjustable lap band, including the less popular form of the band, the Realize Band.

Indeed, the Realize Band is worth considering for those Type ll diabetes individuals with a BMI greater than 35. According to a press release, “some patients prefer the Realize Band over the Lap Band [because] ... the injection port beneath the skin is smaller and less visible from the outside. In addition, the Realize Band comes with a comprehensive online weight loss program, which includes a personal plan, a nutritional plan, a fitness plan and a progress tracker."

In the past, we have stated that some experts contend that bariatric surgery might be used to treat illnesses besides weight loss. In support of this view, a few years back the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) modified its name to include "metabolic." The modified name is the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) which recognizes non-weight-loss applications of gastric bypass surgery.

Employing bariatric surgery as a treatment option for diabetes, of course, will receive additional attention. And bariatric centers and other medical weight loss service providers should keep abreast of the advantages and disadvantages of bariatric surgery in the treatment of diabetes.

If the Realize Band is a good, cost effective treatment for diabetes, this surgical option will be an important service that bariatric surgical centers can offer. Offering the Realize Band, as well as other bariatric surgical options, as a treatment for Type ll diabetes could give a surgical center a competitive advantage while lowering the costs of Type ll diabetes. And because they might be part of the weight loss team, physicians specializing in medical weight loss can play an important role in informing the patient that the Realize Band, and other surgical options, might be a tool in Type ll diabetes treatment.

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