Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Entelos, Inc. Develops a Simulation Process for Drug Treatment Analysis

A while back, England's chief medical officer indicated that not having enough simulators for doctors to practice on could be harmful to patients. This opinion shows that using simulation has proven to be useful to some health care professionals. Further, Entelos, Inc., a California based company, is employing simulation to analyze drug treatment outcomes for diseases, including obesity and diabetes.

Simulation is often employed to improve skills. In the U.S. Space Program for example, simulation is used to train the astronauts. And a Yale University study showed that simulation can be used to increase a doctor's proficiency. In the study, student doctors were taught to successfully insert a catheter into a major vein of the body.

Modeling a drug treatment scenario and analyzing the outcome using simulation would be an effective way to determine appropriate treatment options for diseases. Entelos, Inc. has designed a biosimulation lab, called PhysioLab, that can simulate human disease, and disease treatments.
With the PhysioLab platform, a researcher can construct a virtual patient and carry out clinical trials for, say, an obesity drug, using computer modeling and simulation. In fact, the company was just given a U.S. patent entitled, “Apparatus and Methods for Assessing Metabolic Substrate Utilization."

For more information, interested organizations can contact Entelos, Inc. According to a statement on the company’s Website, “Access to Entelos expertise and technology is available through R&D partnerships, research agreements, licenses, and strategic alliances.”

We feel that simulation for obesity drug analysis would mean a great deal to the bariatric or weight loss industry. The weight loss industry has had a difficult time developing a safe and effective drug that can help a person lose weight. However, since the potential market for weight loss products, including obesity drugs, was estimated by some to be 59 billion dollars in 2009, a tool to improve the development of weight loss drugs would be a boon to the bariatric or weight loss industry.

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