Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obesity Gives Rise to Disability

Disability is on the rise among the elderly who don't reside in elder care facilities. According to a recent study, one of the reasons for this rise in disability is the rise in obesity. Indeed, there is a link between obesity and disability. But if more people adopt healthy living habits, this adoption could lower the levels of obesity, and thus lower the disability numbers.

The above-mentioned study was done by researchers from the University of Toronto, and the University of California at Berkeley. According to the study results, there has been a doubling of obesity over the past three decades. This doubling of obesity is associated with a rise in disability among those 65 and older. And many of these older persons are poor.

Of course, obesity-fighting treatments should be made available to all socioeconomic groups. This is especially true for the poor elderly. We believe that if this group is given access to obesity-fighting services, this group could make lifestyle changes that might lower obesity rates, and thus reduce disability levels. For this reason, we hope the current health care overall being debated will create a workable health care system.

A workable health care system would bring more of the poor elderly into the health care system. And these new entrants would increase the market for weight-loss tools, since losing weight is viewed as a way to address many health problems -- including disability.

The rise in obesity-related ailments is already an inducement to bariatric centers to refine their weight loss services. The rise in disability should be an additional motivator for these centers. Weight loss centers should emphasize the importance of a healthy weight in dealing with disability.

Weight loss centers should also prepare for the potential enactment of the health care overall. While there may be an assortment of problems with the reform under review, a workable health care system will widen the market for weight loss services. And this could benefit some weight loss centers, by giving the centers the opportunity to offer their weight loss services to more clients.

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