Friday, November 13, 2009

Podcasts as a Tool to Aid in Weight Loss

In order to lose weight and maintain the weight loss, one must almost, always modify his or her lifestyle to be successful long term. Lifestyle modification generally includes a change in diet, and engagement in regular exercise. Because achieving weight loss and maintaining weight loss present mental and physical challenges, counseling intervention can be a useful tool. And a study, discussed in an October 2009 American Journal of Preventive Medicine article, has shown that podcasts or pre-recorded audio (or video) files can be an effective counseling intervention tool.

To determine the effectiveness of using podcasts for weight loss, in 2008 a 12 week study was carried out in North Carolina. The study consisted of 24 participants that were randomly assigned to one of two groups. Both groups were subjected to 24 weight loss podcasts over the 12 week study period. However, one of the groups was exposed to an enhanced weight loss podcast, based on social cognitive theory (SCT).

This theory, by Albert Bandura, postulates that one can learn new behavior through observation without imitating the behavior. Further, a person is likely to adopt the new behavior, if the behavior leads to positive outcomes.

Therefore, offering podcasts on behavioral changes that lead to weight loss may motivate an individual to the adopt the changes, if the changes, indeed, lead to weight loss. In the above-mentioned study, the SCT podcast group lost up to three more pounds than the group not using the SCT podcast.

Hence, we think that podcasts might be a useful weight loss tool. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) appears to agree that podcasting for weight loss may be useful. The CDC Website presents a podcast to help women maintain a healthy weight.

We believe that if podcasts and other lifestyle modification techniques are combined, the appropriate combination may prove to be a powerful weight loss and weight management method. Weight loss or bariatric centers that make use of effective weight loss tools elevate the centers' competitive advantage. And podcasts may be such a tool.

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