Monday, October 5, 2009

GENova Biotherapeutics Inc. and Bridge Bioresearch Plc. to Look for Obesity-Cancer Link

We now know that obesity is highly correlated with a number of illnesses, including some cancers. Therefore, efforts that might shed more light on the relationship between cancer and obesity can be useful. New York based GENova Biotherapeutics Inc, which has a research focus on cancer, will collaborate with the UK based company Bridge Bioresearch Plc., which has a focus on obesity. The two companies will try to find links between cancer and obesity by sharing their research results.

Obesity has been found to play a role in a number of ailments. It is well accepted that these ailments include high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Moreover, The Mayo clinic did a study and determined that obesity contributes to the need for hip replacement. And some experts indicate that there is a link between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease.

Further, researchers in the UK suggest that obesity is a bigger health risk, today, than smoking. In the UK, it is estimated that there might be as many as 19,000 British cases of cancers per year resulting from obesity. Finding links between obesity and cancer is almost as important as the link discovered between smoking and cancer, since obesity is associated with a number of cancers.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a U.S. government organization, obesity is related to a number of cancers. These include: "colon, breast (postmenopausal), endometrial, kidney, and cancer of the esophagus." According to the NCI, the link between cancer and obesity is not known. In fact, the NCI goes on to say, the link might be different for different cancers. And the NCI has ongoing studies to determine what these links are.

The collaboration between GENova Biotherapeutics Inc. and Bridge Bioresearch Plc. may add to results coming out of the NCI studies and other studies investigating the link between cancer and obesity. In fact, health care organizations that offer both weight loss treatment and cancer treatment might also add to the obesity-cancer link knowledge base.
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