Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weight Loss Through Lifestyle Modification Could Be Enhanced with Nutrisystem D

Lifestyle modification, as a way to lose weight, is the most popular weight-loss method. It’s the most popular method because it's usually the easiest, least expensive, and safest way to lose weight. The main components of lifestyle modification for weight-loss generally include a modified diet and an exercise program -- diet being more important than exercise. And Nutrisystem has introduced a new program, called Nutrisystem D, that greatly improves a person's weight-loss chances, according to a recent study done at the Temple University School of Medicine.

The Nutrisystem D program is directed at overweight people, who have type 2 diabetes. As part of the program, a person receives 150 pre-packaged meals. The meals are portioned controlled. And the meals are designed to cause low rises in blood sugar.

The Nutrisystem D study done at Temple was led by Dr. Gary Foster. The study participants following the Nutrisystem program lost more than twice the weight as did participants who followed a diet designed for diabetics.

Using prepackaged meals as meal replacements has already been shown to lead to weight loss. Meal replacements include shakes, entrees and bars. And along with Nutrisystem's meals, pre-packaged meals include meals made by Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. With pre-packaged meals, a dieter can simply pick up a meal without having to worry about the calorie or nutritional content. And this can be quite convenient. Further, a 2003 Pub Med report indicated that meal replacements can be employed safely to enable one to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

Nonetheless, staying on a diet long term -- even on a well designed diet -- can prove to be difficult. But modifying a lifestyle to follow a specific diet, long term, can be aided with external reinforcement from weight-loss counselors. And counseling is a part of the Nutrisystem D program. Since the Nutrisystem D program appears to be a good one, bariatric centers should take note of the program. Some of the procedures employed in the Nutrisystem D program may be adaptable to bariatric center programs.

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