Thursday, March 5, 2009

Calorie Information Can Help Control Weight

A recent study has concluded that the most important factor in weight maintenance and weight loss is the number of calories taken in by an individual. We believe that this means that making calorie content information available, including the calorie content of restaurant food, is of paramount importance. Further, we believe that the number of calories needed per day to maintain a specific body weight should be readily available. Making these two bits of information easily obtainable could do a lot to curb obesity.

And curbing obesity is an important goal. The Mayo clinic did a study and determined that obesity contributes to the need for hip replacement. So the need for hip replacement is another risk factor associated with obesity, along with some forms of cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other ailments. Some experts indicate that there is a link between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. And researchers in England suggest that obesity is a bigger health risk, today, than smoking.

To reduce smoking, the U.S. and other countries use ongoing programs to warn people of the risks associated with smoking. Since we know that taking in too many calories can lead to overweight and obesity, at the very least, indicating the calorie content of food should be a requirement. And letting people know, on a wide scale basis, the number of daily calories needed to maintain a specific body weight would encourage people to count the calories in their diet each day.

That data is now available on a limited basis. According to one source, an inactive male who wants to maintain a 165-pound weight would need a diet containing 2145 calories per day. With this kind of information and the calorie content of food, an individual would likely be more motivated to maintain a desired body weight.

If steps are taken to provide crucial calorie-related data in the places people eat, the information would arm people with the ammunition to take responsibility for maintaining a healthy weight. Wide availability of this information would also allow weight loss or bariatric centers to more effectively work with their clients to set understandable and reachable weight goals.


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