Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home Health Test Kits Could Help Improve Weight Loss

The company, BIOIQ, sells home health test kits. Some of the conditions that these kits test for are associated with overweight and obesity. These kits allow a person to look for and monitor diabetes, cholesterol, and other conditions.

Therefore, these kits permit a person to gain important personal health information. And as a person becomes more aware of the state of his or her health, that person is more likely to become proactive in managing his or her health. So these kits can play an important role in health care.

Usually it takes some incentive to motivate a person to change behavior. And in order for the incentive to have more than a short-term effect, the incentive needs to be strong. Monitoring some indicator of health, and finding the indicated results to be less than desirable can be a strong incentive for some persons.

These persons will modify their lifestyle to improve the results. For example, It has been found that overweight persons who frequently monitor their weight are more likely to lose weight than those overweight persons who don’t frequently monitor their weight. This probably happens because knowledge of his or her weight becomes the person's incentive.

Therefore, providing a person the capability to test for health conditions also provides the person with the opportunity to gain knowledge about his or her health. And if too much weight exacerbates an unhealthy condition, knowledge of this might be enough to cause the person to better manage weight. Further, counseling by a weight loss or bariatric center could reinforce the weight management program.

Using an approach that embraces home health tests in conjunction with counseling services may enable a bariatric or weight loss center to help a client improve his or her diet, or adhere to an exercise routine. Moreover, using this approach may enable the center to build a better relationship with the client, which would benefit both the client and the center.


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