Monday, November 3, 2008

The Drug, Acomplia, Is No Longer a Weight Loss Option

Lifestyle modification, bariatric surgery, and weight loss medications are the three main approaches to weight loss. However, each approach has pros and cons. The pros of weight loss medications include the ease with which they can be used. The cons are mostly the associated negative side effects. The side effects run the gamut from intestinal gas to depression to thoughts of suicide.

Acomplia, a weight loss drug sold in Europe and manufactured by the French company, Sanofi-Aventis, has been known for some time to cause negative side effects including mental problems. And last month, Europe pulled the drug from the market because of the negative side effects.

Acomplia was never sold in the US. In fact, the FDA refused to approve the drug, voting unanimously to reject the drug in 2007. Caution here paid off in our opinion. Nevertheless, the absence of the drug reduces weight loss options -- at least in Europe. This reduction in options highlights the urgency associated with the need to increase weight loss treatment choices.

The drug, tesofensine, which we wrote about in our 10/26/08 blog post, is currently being studied. And although the drug may eventually be a weight loss candidate, it also produces negative side effects.

The issues associated with weight loss drugs and other weight loss approaches should be noted when weight loss centers discuss weight loss options with clients and potential clients.

To do this, a center should keep up-to-date on weight loss studies, and other relevant weight loss happenings, so that the center can give the best advice to clients and potential clients. If those wanting to lose weight know that a center will give them the best advice, the center may gain a competitive advantage.


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