Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tesofensine Is a Promising New Weight-loss Drug

Currently, the drug Alli, an over-the-counter version of the weight-loss drug, Xenical, is probably one of the best weight loss options for those wanting to lose weight. It's probably one of the best options, because the drug appears to help a person lose weight and cause less severe side effects than some other weight-loss drugs on the market, including Meridia and Accompli (not sold in the United States). But in the future, tesofensine might be a competing choice.

Tesofensine was developed to treat Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. However, according to research done in Denmark, the drug suppresses hunger and the drug was found to enable test subjects to lose about twenty-eight pounds over a six-month period. However, the drug does cause side effects, including nausea, bowel issues, and other problems similar to those caused by other weight loss medications.

However, since a weight loss of only six-to-ten pounds can lower bad cholesterol and other health-related conditions, a drug that can cause weight loss averaging twenty-eight pounds over a six month period might be worth considering.

Therefore, if tesofensine proves beneficial, and if indeed, it can enable people to lose up to twenty-eight pounds per six months, and if further research shows that the side effects are tolerable, the drug will be a useful drug treatment for weight-loss centers to offer to their clients.

As with other drugs, it will be several years before the drug is tested and considered for approval in the United States. Nevertheless, we will keep our eyes open for reports on the drug's progress to determine if the use of the drug might offer an opportunity for bariatric or weight-loss centers.



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