Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Fat Hormone Might Provide Health Benefits

The hormone palmitoleate is created in the body when the body produces fat or lipid. And the hormone could help fight heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic diseases. It’s ironic, but researchers at Harvard University and Lipomics Technologies in California observed that an abnormally high level of the body-produced fat hormone existed in exceptionally healthy mice -- even when the mice were on a high-fat diet.

Of course, it will be some time before researchers determine if the hormone can be used to treat heart disease and other metabolic illnesses in humans. It will also be some time before researchers can determine if the fat hormone can be used as a diet supplement. And it will be some time before researchers can learn how to cause the body to produce the fat hormone. Still, it would be a good strategic move for a bariatric or weight loss center to try to play some role in the fat hormone study.

It should be pointed out that utilizing diet supplements often produces less than satisfactory results, or no measurable results at all. However, eliciting the body to produce the fat-hormone may prove to be a better approach than employing the hormone as a supplement. In any case, if the fat hormone can somehow be harnessed to attack cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the hormone will offer some of the main benefits of weight loss.

Therefore, collaborating with organizations that are involved in important heart and diabetes related research, such as that involving the fat hormone, could boost a bariatric center's reputation. And being at the leading edge of the research can enable the bariatric or weight loss center to use the research results more quickly than competitors, giving the center a competitive advantage.


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