Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Tool to Visualize Weight Loss

Usually one must change his or her lifestyle to succeed in weight loss and weight management. And commonly, the modification includes adherence to a restricted diet and an increase in physical activity. Because achieving weight loss and weight management goals is a mental and physical challenge, any assistance in reaching the goals is always appreciated.

Some feel that in order to reach a goal, one needs to be able to visualize the goal process. It is said that high-achievers can visualize attaining a goal. And the feeling of exhilaration the person feels while visualizing the achievement of the goal energizes the person and enables the person to reach the goal.

The Toronto company, Modiface Inc, has developed a tool it calls WeightMirror that allows someone to visualize his or her body based on various levels of weight loss. The company is planning to put kiosks using WeightMirror technology inside gyms, weight loss centers and stores to help those trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss.

We think WeightMirror might be a useful weight loss tool. Further, we believe that if WeightMirror and some other lifestyle modification techniques are combined, these tools may indeed prove to be powerful weight loss and weight management methods. A weight loss or bariatric center that makes use of new weight loss tools only enhances its attractiveness to potential weight loss clients.


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