Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Disruptive Technology in the Obesity Fight

Disruptive technology is viewed as useful technology that replaces a more expensive, widely used technology. The personal computer is sometimes given as an example of disruptive technology, since some believe that the personal computer competed with, and in some cases, replaced mainframe computers.

Halsa Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a Houston-based company, may be in the process of producing what could be a "disruptive technology" in the fight against obesity. The company is doing research on a natural material that, at some time in the future, could be injected into an obese patient to cause immediate weight loss, without side effects.

Indeed this would be a boon to the weight loss industry. And if this treatment could replace some of the more expensive weight loss treatments, the treatment give more people who need to lose weight access to a more affordable treatment. For some bariatric centers, this type of treatment could be an important tool in their arsenal of weight loss tools.


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