Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Strategic Reason for a Bariatric or Weight Loss Center to Avoid Post Bariatric Surgery Complications

There are many reasons that a weight loss or bariatric center would want to prevent complications following a bariatric surgery. Complications can be traumatic for the patient. And complications, many times, increase the cost of bariatric surgery.

Another important reason a bariatric or weight loss center should want to avoid post surgery complications is that CT scans may not be an option, after the surgery, for some bariatric surgery patients.

A recent report indicates that CT scans cannot be used to diagnose post bariatric surgery complications in obese patients who weigh more than 450 pounds. The reason is this: The scanning equipment does not have the capacity to handle patients who weigh more than 450 pounds.

However, there may be a reason to want to avoid CT scans: Research at Columbia University shows that too many CT scans may lead to cancer. So if an obese person has had a number of CT scans and the person experiences post bariatric surgery complications, the weight loss center must weigh the pros and cons of more CT scans.

Avoiding post surgery complications is at least one way to possibly avoid the need for more CT scans, as well as the need for other procedures. And a weight loss or bariatric center that puts processes in place to reduce complications will have a competitive advantage.



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